Authors: Irina Ivannikova (artist, photographer), Alexandra Naletova (dance and movement therapist)

Why did we decided to create SOCIAL (ART) PRACTICE (ART) project?
We both work with themes of identity, enviroment, communication. In order to develop these topics not only within the framework of our professional area, it is necessary to set a different context for interaction with these topics. And this is a social context. This allows us to go beyond the usual framework of our professions, and this loss opens up the space for experiment and reserves the right for us to use professional tools for other purposes and tasks.
(c) Juliana Semenova Practice of Traveling while staying at the same place

We wanted our project to be flexible, that means that the project can transform due to the current tasks. Therefore, we constantly change something, find a new form, include new practices, and the practices we work with are agile and flexible to the context. In our programs, emphasizing agility, we decided to integrate various methods, techniques, principles: collaborative, participatory, interventionist, performative art, performative photography, community art, dance and movement therapy, social practice of movement and dance, community dance.

In our practice we have the task to create a horizontal environment in which we include a new concept of collectivity. Collectivity, which is based on empathy and we can talk about co-presence, complicity and diversity of identities.
(c) Anna Malgina Practice of Traveling while staying at the same place

The life of the project began with cooperation with various institutions: MMOMA, State Center for Contemporary ART, Gallery "Ground Khodynka", Museum of Moscow, FotoDepartament. During isolation, the project was transformed into a direct dialog with participants without mediation of institutions. That allowed us to get even closer to the horizontal links that we initially meant. Dialogue through body and artistic practices allows us to reflect the process that form the "social" body today and create new structures of thinking which can affect the whole system. And this is not about the scale, but about the value of small steps in the practice of changes.

Every Thursday we conduct the Inaction Practice, as an opportunity to appropriate the lost right to do nothing, to be in this space between action and inaction and to accumulate our energy, to allow ourselves to take a break from everything. Inaction, in this sense, can be formulated through a rejection of usual course of things and events. We lay down a collective experience of living and discuss it after each practice.

Inaction Zoom Practice
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